23 June 2008

Ingredients: Oil of palm, coconut and olive. Fresh carrot juice. Essential oils of lavender and sweet orange. Dry strawberry and raspberry. BND$5.50 a bar

Ingredients: Olive oil and beeswax. Oatmeal, calendula and camomile flower. Essential oil of lavender BND$5.50 a bar

Minty Mama
Ingredients: Oil of palm, coconut and olive. Oatmeal and camomile flower, essential oil of peppermint, lavender and rosemary. BND$5.50 a bar

Love U
Ingredients: Oil of coconut, canola, sweet almond and evening primrose; oatmeal, lavender buds, honey and lavender essential oil. BND$7.00 a bar

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Gift Set

Gift Set
This is a gift hamper of handmade soap and body butter which I have made for one of my best friend's daughter. The wooden tray is handpainted with little roses, blue and white flowers

Gift Tray Close-up

Gift Tray Close-up
I painted the side of the wooden tray